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The Mirabelles Children’s Choir in Brief

The Mirabelles Children’s Choir is very innovative in that it takes children as early as four year old for an early introduction to musical theory, and later on at age six for - mostly classical - choral singing. Above all, the novelty of the chorus lies in the very original and exciting musical teaching method that Anne Burger has been developing as the Mirabelles’ choirmaster for well over a decade now.

Anne Burger writes lyrics that she adapts to the great classical orchestral works attempting to render as truthfully as possible the original spirit of the composer. In this way children can gain insight into works that now have lasted over centuries as well as an understanding of the meanings and feelings the composer had in mind at the time.

This method has been applied these last ten years allowing children to sing the works of around ten great composers. Whenever possible, the Mirabelles tour the composers’ countries. The New World Symphony was an opportunity for the chorus to sing in Canada in the former New France province, the Pastoral Symphony in Germany, Smetana’s Moldau in the Czech Republic, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Borodin’s Steppes of Central Asia in Russia.

In Nijni-Novgorod where the children performed during a Franco-Russian Festival, the Mirabelles impressed the audience with their crystalline voices and by their musical learning method. The Head of the Musical School, Mr. Vladimir Popov, was delighted by the method and asked for permission to use it, which Anne Burger of course granted.

The Mirabelles perform at concerts every year, sometimes for charities and also record CDs. Most of the time, two talented pianists accompany them during their performances, Ms Virginie Soumoy-Cambon and Ms. Amélie Larose, sometimes they sing with an orchestra.

The Mirabelles dedicate themselves to serious, strict and regular work with the goal of respecting others and sharing the love of beauty in mind, which resulted in them receiving an honors diploma, the highest distinction in their category at the Cologne Music Tournament in March 2008.

The choir celebrated its 20th anniversary in June 2008 in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (France) with a special concert.

In September 2008, an offshoot of the Mirabelles, the Prunelles choir was founded. Dedicated young chorists, aged 11-14 years, now seek to go a little bit further in this musical adventures with Anne, with respect for others, a sense of self-commitment, dedication and quality, pleasure and cheerfulness as common values.

While still a young choir, the Prunelles support the Mirabelles in their performances while working on their own repertoire with a view to working alone sometime in the future.

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